Ideal Muses

Muse wanted:
Must be creative and inspiring and so excited about the details of her wedding.  Must also have a particularly wicked sense of humour, more than slightly cheeky, and ability to laugh at herself when required.  Impeccable sense of style a must, and inability to compromise on quality.  Appreciation of art and ability to discern multi award winning quality from not. Love of high fashion, gorgeous shoes, dresses to die for, and pretty things in general.  She will Art Direct the most beautiful wedding with incredible attention to detail and will do so in a way that looks effortless but she is like a swan floating gracefully but her little legs are a paddling.  (She secretly worries she might become a bridezilla because this day is so important to her and she is focused all the way down to the last detail, but because she can laugh at herself it will never happen). She will have the ability to enjoy the road to the big day and will take moments to be present and savour the now of where she is and how amazing it is that she has found such an amazing soul to walk with her.

Dude wanted:
He will have his own sense of style too, and that can range from elegant to quirky.  He must love quality. And is flexible and funny to be around.  Adventurous is a plus and desire to try new things key.  Very supportive and just damn excited that she said yes and he got his girl.

I only take on a handful of weddings each year and I become very involved with the planning and celebrating of your big day.  I will spend months with you creating art that celebrates your love and for that I need Muses that inspire me and that I would be honoured to call friends afterward (my first bride and I got on so well she came to work for me).  So if you are cool, funny, and generally only like to have the best then give me a call and we will see if I have your weekend available.  I only take on one wedding a weekend because I want to give my undivided attention to the family on their special day.  If you are not in Wellington I do location weddings as well...especially if you live in Greece or Italy...feeling the need for an adventure over there. 

But really you need to be willing to push the boundaries of traditional wedding photography to make an album that will be the first thing you save from a burning house, okay maybe the kids as know you could grab one and tuck them under your arm and the album in the other.