Go Givers

We consider ourselves real go givers at A La Mode...plus we believe in Karma.  Do good things and good things will happen.  Just ask Earl.
This became so apparent when we dedicated a month of our companies time to create a calendar to raise money for our local special care unit and for Christchurch. Little did we know that by doing this little bit of good for our neck of the woods our life would be changed forever.  We started out as a small two man band and by the end of this adventure we were surrounded by a crew of over 60 creatives who had our backs believed in our charity vision and our creative vision.  This group of creatives has helped to see my work now feature in Italian Vogue.
So we figured this sort of work was so worth it in the good juju department and we wanted to share the good karma we are collecting, so for each of our couples we are going to donate a $120.00 gift for you to pay forward.  You can choose how that money is spent at Oxfam.

Would you like to micro finance a woman in her business?

How about buying a goat and some chickens for a family.
Safe water?
Plant trees?
What do you want to pay forward?  Start your wedding gift shopping by checking out the Oxfam site here.