Friday, June 24, 2011

When to take the best Bride and Groom Photographs

Wedding Traditions are funny things aren' t they.  I know I was always taught it was unlucky to see the groom before the wedding.  This often means is that the bride and groom shots are then taken after the wedding ceremony while your guests wait for 2+ hours for you to finish.  I remember being a guest at a wedding where it was three hours before we were able to eat...and I am a girl who likes her food let me tell you.   For the bride and the groom this means that after the initial emotional rush of the ceremony they are then taken away from the festivities.  So for the group there is a bit of break in the flow of the wedding.  But this is just how it is done right?  It is tradition and you can't mess with that.  Or can you?

And where did the tradition come from in the first place anyway?  From my in depth research in the mighty web I discovered that it came from the days when marriages were arranged and dowries were involved.  So if the groom saw the bride before the wedding and wasn't pleased then he might bale and the Grooms family would miss out on the dowry and the bride would be shamed, and family feuds that could last for generations could be started.  So the families got smart and figured if the bride and groom only saw each other in the thick of it they would be less likely to bolt and cause problems.

My guess is you have probably seen the groom once or twice and he might have checked you out already too.  If you are modern couple I bet you have been,  oh the horror of it.... "living in sin" for a while too.  So the chances of your beloved jumping a fence are pretty low I imagine.  So why not mix things up a little bit?

What if instead you have a private first look photosession? This means you get your hair and make up done and you are fresh and lovely and pretty and the Wellington wind hasn't decimated your hair.  Then an intimate and special moment with just you and your wedding party or just the two of you is created complete with that "first look".  This way your flowers, hair, and make up are at their freshest, the photos are done in a relaxed creative manner and you are able to go to your wedding...get married then immediately start partying!

I mean honestly if you have come looking for me as your photographer you are probably a little to the side of normal anyway, so why not?  But if it is not your bag then do not worry.  I will make you look amazing no matter where or when.  You are the boss.  Just giving you some food for thought.

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